Sands Capital

1000 Wilson Boulevard

Suite 3000

Arlington, VA 22209, USA

Hotel room block at the Hyatt Centric Arlington is now closed.


  • MSSN CTRL is not just another cybersecurity conference.

    MSSN CTRL is a cybersecurity conference that focuses on innovative practices and how they are changing the way security has been traditionally practiced for the past decade. The conference aims to provide deep technical training and hands-on sessions that will equip attendees with the right methods and tools to protect their organizations or customers.

    The conference spans two days and will offer an immersive experience where attendees will have the opportunity to meet with engineers, analysts, and leaders from the most prominent cybersecurity startups, security service providers, and some of the best SOC teams around the globe. The conference is designed with practitioners in mind, and attendees will have the chance to hear directly from others in the field as they share real stories of what challenges they face and how they overcome them.

    In addition to the technical training and hands-on sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to collaborate, debrief with peers, expand their network, and leave inspired to do security differently. MSSN CTRL is an excellent opportunity for practitioners to stay up to date with the latest trends and gain valuable insights into how to improve their organization's security infrastructure.

    If you are looking for new ways of thinking and new emerging technologies to solve your security problems, this is the event for you. If you have fallen victim to adding acronyms to your technology stack, we don’t blame you - but challenge you to open your mind to a new frontier.

  • Joshua Finney

    Proactive Threat Hunting and Incident Response Chief


    What you leave behind

    Maxime Lamothe-Brassard



    What you leave behind

    Adam Besecker

    Security Engineer


    Gatekeeping the web: protecting your users from twisted domains

    Amanda Berlin

    Lead Incident Detection Engineer


    Creating and maturing a cybersecurity tabletop program: a step-by-step guide

    Dave Cullen

    Field CTO


    A tale as old as time: the art of defending OT/ICS when the odds are stacked against you

    David Burkett



    Breathing new life into the cybersecurity kill chain: transforming theory into action

    John Tuckner

    Head of Tines Labs


    No-code doesn't have to mean no code

    Josh Kamdjou


    Sublime Security

    Call me maybe? The rise of callback phishing emails, new qakbot delivery techniques, and the evolution of modern email attacks

    Josh Trombley


    Hyperview Security

    Advanced detection operations for MSSPs

    Kris Jones

    Head of Engineering


    Analyst driven automations via serverless

    Lennart Koopmann



    Introduction to wifi security

    Paul Ihme



    Continuous integration/continuous detection - reliable detection engineering

    Scott Small

    Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Tidal Cyber

    A practical guide to building & validating detections with adversary intelligence

    Mike Hornsby

    Sr. Solutions Engineer


    Profitable, Possible, and Perpetuating Trust: The Power of Cybersecurity Prevention

    Andrew Morris



    AI in Cybersecurity Products (Check Out This Insane Thing We Built)

    Jon Bagg


    Salem Cyber

    Alerts on Alerts: Leverage SOC AI to fight alert fatigue

    Matt Bromiley

    Lead Solutions Engineer


    All Your Cloud Infrastructure Are Belong to Us
  • Wednesday, October 4, 2023

    • 6:00 - 8:00pm - Welcome reception at Hyatt Centric Awbrey & Sons Lounge

    Thursday, October 5, 2023

    • 7:00 : 7:55am - Breakfast
    • 8:00 : 8:15am - Welcome - Maxime Lamothe-Brassard - LimaCharlie
    • 8:15 : 8:45am - Keynote - Joshua Finney - CISA
    • 8:50 : 9:20am - Session 1 - Amanda Berlin - Blumira
    • 9:25 : 9:55am - Session 2 - John Tuckner - Tines
    • 9:55 : 10:10am - Break
    • 10:10 : 10:40am - Session 3 - Maxime Lamothe-Brassard - LimaCharlie
    • 10:45 : 11:15am - Session 4 - Josh Kamdjou - Sublime Security
    • 11:20 : 11:50pm - Session 5 - Jon Bagg - Salem Cyber
    • 11:50 : 1:00pm - Lunch
    • 1:00 : 1:30pm - Session 6 - Scott Small - Tidal Cyber
    • 1:35 : 2:05pm - Session 7 - Paul Ihme - Soteria
    • 2:10 : 2:40pm - Session 8 - David Burkett - Signalblur
    • 2:40 : 3:00pm - Break
    • 3:00 : 5:00pm - Training - Adam Besecker - Chime
    • 3:00 : 5:00pm - Training - Josh Kamdjou - Sublime Security
    • 3:00 : 5:00pm - Training - Matt Bromiley - LimaCharlie
    • 5:00 : 6:30pm - Sands Capital Rooftop Happy Hour
    • 7:00 : 9:00pm - Continental Pool Lounge

    Friday, October 6, 2023

    • 7:00 : 7:55am - Breakfast
    • 8:00 : 8:30am - Session 9 - Lennart Koopmann - nzyme
    • 8:35 : 9:05am - Session 10 - Matt Bromiley - LimaCharlie
    • 9:10 : 9:40am - Session 11 - Josh Trombley - Hyperview Security
    • 9:40 : 9:50am - Break
    • 9:50 : 10:20am - Session 12 - Dave Cullen - OTORIO
    • 10:25 : 10:55am - Session 13 - Mike Hornsby - BLOKWORX
    • 11:00 : 11:30am - Session 14 - Kris Jones - Nisos
    • 11:35 : 12:05pm - Session 15 - Andrew Morris - GreyNoise Intelligence
    • 12:05 : 12:15pm - Closing Remarks - Maxime Lamothe-Brassard

  • Sands Capital

    1000 Wilson Boulevard

    Suite 3000

    Arlington, VA 22209, USA

    Hotel room block: Hyatt Centric Arlington


  • LimaCharlie: limacharlie.io

    Sands Capital: sandscapital.com

    Miscreants: miscreants.com

    W2 Communications: w2comm.com

  • Who should attend?

    • Security engineers
    • Security architects
    • Security analysts
    • Detection engineers
    • Security leaders

    How much are tickets?

    • Tickets are $100.

    When is the event?

    • Thursday, October 5, 2023 to Friday, October 6, 2023. There will be a welcome reception for those in town on the evening of Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

    Where is the event?

    • The conference will take place at Sands Capital located at 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 3000, Arlington, VA 22209.

    How many people attend MSSN CTRL?

    • MSSN CTRL is an intimate event by design. There are only 100 tickets available.

    Do you offer any kind of discount?

    • We would love to make the event more affordable; however, at this time, there are no discounts available.

    Will the event be recorded?

    • Yes, the event will be recorded and will be published on limacharlie.io and the LimaCharlie YouTube channel.

    When do tickets go on sale?

    • MSSN CTRL is intimate by design. We are asking all those interested in attending to submit an application here.

    Is there a CFP?

    • The MSSN CTRL call for papers is now closed.

    Are you looking for sponsors?

    Is there a room block?

    • Yes, at the Hyatt Centric Arlington. Details here.

    Can I get a refund if I cannot attend?

    • Yes, please contact hello@mssnctrl.org if you are no longer able to attend for a full refund by August 31, 2023. In the unlikely event that the conference is canceled for any reason, you will be given a full refund.

    Can I volunteer at MSSN CTRL?

    • Yes! Volunteers help make our event possible and there are various ways to help. Anyone interested in volunteering can reach out to hello@mssnctrl.org.

    Do I need to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

    • We understand that the last few years have been a challenging time for all. Based on the latest fully vaccinated rate of nearly 70% in the US from the CDC, we will not be requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination nor requiring masks for the event at this time. That said, our team is working with the venue and have determined that they have:

      • Performed necessary preventive maintenance and confirmed optimal communication with the building automation system (BAS).
      • Increased outside air levels beyond what is typically recommended by ASHRAE and building codes in order to promote the dilution of indoor contaminants.
      • Programmed flushing sequence before and after operating hours via BAS.
      • Increased inspections and replacement of filters.
      • Installed the highest MERV rating on filters allowable per specifications of the HVAC.

      Masks and hand sanitizing stations will be available on-site. If you experience any COVID-19-like symptoms leading up to or during the event, we respectfully ask that you stay home and will provide you with a full refund.

    I have dietary restrictions.

    I still have questions.


OCTOBER 5 & 6 - 2023